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Below is a link to an "SE Exam Study Calendar" pdf.  It is modeled after the schedule that I set up for myself when I took the SE Exam. It assumes the prospective SE takes the Vertical Component of the SE Exam in April (passes it) and takes the Lateral Component of the SE Exam in October. The subject matter listed closely follows the subject matter per the NCESS SE Exam Specifications. The time alotted for each is in proportion to the approximate number of questions that will be on the exam. Extra time was considered for structural steel, concrete, wood, and masonry because the building essay questions will cover those subjects. For those taking the bridge exams, they can use a similar study calendar, especially since they will need to brush up on their study of buildings because the majority of the questions in the morning session will concentrate on buildings.  


Note: On my Iphone the text I added showing the SE Exam subject matter does not show unless I open the pdf in "iBooks". If you don't see the SE Exam subject matter in the pdf please try opening in Adobe, iBooks, etc.



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